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Support To help the Orphans, the poor families and give hope to the needy. FPWN Charity Org. Join Foundation of Peace for the Welfare of the Needy to help the less privilege Help build Homes With your wealth, you can support FPWN to help build boreholes, hospitals, roads, houses, schools and training of farmers for those in dare need. Support us today, in making this happen. with access to: Water - Shelter - Food -
Education - Health - Road
Spend your wealth Partner with us in Wealth Management, Zakat collection and distribution, educating the youths and women, investing in farming, import and export of food for the poor and less privilege. Wisely and Generously

Support Foundation of Peace for the Welfare of the Needy (FWPN)


Our Mission: To reach each and every home and family that need help


Our Vision: To achieve a society where everyone has a hope.

About FPWN

Foundation of Peace for the Welfare of the Needy (FPWN) is a non-profit organization established to help the needy in every aspect of human needs.

Helping the Orphans

Join us in supporting the orphans – from the urban areas to the rural areas across the regions. They lack parental guidance. They do not have good shelter or education to succeed in life and they have starve of hunger.

Education for the Needy

There are many young ones – males and females who really want to have education but because there is no financial means, they become hawkers and beggars on the street. With your support, we can change their lives.

Drinking Water Provision

Many families as well as many communities do not have access to clean drinking water. They fetch dirty water from the stream and river and do not have means to purify them before drinking. We can save these people from horrible diseases by providing borehole in the community or means to get public water system.

Empowering Farmers

Agriculture is one of the most sustainable means of livelihood in Africa but when there is no capacity to enlarge production, farmers usually consume what they harvest and only little left to be sold. We can empower farming to increase level of production and create employment opportunities by having more farmers.

Shelter Provisions for the displaced

Many had lost their homes during flood, erosion, heavy rainfall, fire disaster, poor structure and even inability to pay rent. Families can be seen trying to survive in slum areas and polluted environment. If we have the means, let’s help them – let’s save them.

Road Construction & Repair

One of the main factors that cause inflation is bad road. It hinders easy accessibility to raw materials. Community members struggled very hard to travel from one region to another. Such discourages investors, making development almost impossible. Our mission is to repair, rebuild and even construct new roads where necessary.

Halal Wealth Management

Do you have a wealth and you are thinking how can I utilize it in halal way? What kind of business should you invest in and what type you should avoid? What are the Islamic ways to have a blessed wealth? How can I establish sodaqatu jaariya? Contact FPWN today. We believe we can help with enough convincing answers.

Zakat Collection and Distribution

Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam. It is compulsory on every one who is qualified to pay it. How do I know if I am qualified? What is nisab? How do I measure it? How can I reach out to those who are suppose to have the zakat. FPWN can help in all these areas. We help in the collection and distribution of zakat to only those who are intended for.

Building of Mosques

If you would like to invest in sadaqat jaariya by building Holy Mosques, FPWN can assist you from the construction to finishing. We also assist in organizing mosque committee and qualified Imam. We do also assist in building residential houses which can be given to the homeless

Eid Ram Provision

Islam loves sharing and wishes the best for every one. During the Eid-Kabir, many households celebrate without nothing in their plates. If you have the means to help them out with Eid Ram, FPWN is here to help achieve that. We can arrange for rams, cows and camels.

Ramadan Iftar Provision

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘Whoever feeds a person breaking his fast will earn the same reward as him, without anything being lessened from the reward of the fasting person’. (Tirmidhi). In Ramadan, seeking mercy, forgiveness and providing Iftar is the ideal way to maximise ones’ efforts and get the most out it. FPWN can help you organize, share and distribute Iftar meals.

Petroleum Products

FPWN helps in the import, distribution and sales of petrol and diesel. This is in case of those who wish to help the poor by giving our charity organization a product to sell and in turn use the money to empower  families, educate the young, support poor families and build the communities.

Hajj Migration

You can sponsor someone to receive one of the biggest rewards a Muslim can attain. This is the reward of performing Hajj while the recipient also gets his or her full reward of performing it. Give opportunity to someone who deserves it but could not afford it. Sponsor someone to be able perform one of the pillars of Islam – perform tawaf around Ka’aba, praying in Al-Haramain (Makkah and Madinah) with reward worth several thousands. Join hands with FPWN in achieving this wonderful and everlasting reward.

Health Care facilities

As many families have been experiencing abject poverty, unclean water, untidy environment and pollution have been serious problems. These resulting into many illnesses, diseases and disabilities. COVID-19 impact has been great. We request for sponsors to help out with hospitals especially in the rural areas.

Bakery Provision

One of the most consumed food in Africa, especially in Gambia is bread. It is readily consumable and can be eaten with any other thing or eat alone. A sadaqa Bakery in a poor community will be life saving and life changing for many families. This is a great investment and one of the best ways to feed the poor and less privilege in an economical way.


Let us all together join hands in raising the hope of our neighbours, our friends, our people, our community, our nation. We cannot do it all alone. We need your support. Join us today.

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Do you have a passion in helping people? Do you love to speak for the voiceless? Do you desire to stand for the powerless and disabled? Do want to give hope to those in despair? Then, it's time to join us. Click the button or send us an email.

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